Kellar's. A Moden Magic and Comedy Club.
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Imagined by Bobby Borgia

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Cocktails and Conjuring

Secrets & Wonders™

The Sleight of Hand Performance Bar

The performance bar will feature signature themed cocktails and sleight of hand magicians performing live at our custom bar where your drink will magically disappear. Kellar’s sleight of hand performance bar also features the ‘Magic Hour’ signature show — an intimate close-up performance from the top close-up magicians from around the world.
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Dining and Deceptions

Magic | Comedy | Dining

The Showroom & Restaurant

Kellar’s modern magic & comedy club is a combination of the best and brightest names in Magic and Comedy performing live on stage, from TV shows like America’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, The Tonight Show, and Last Comic Standing. Enjoy the show with modern American family friendly cuisine that features a magic themed menu and mind-blowing table artists for a one-of-a-kind unique dining experience.
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Kellar The Great Magician Poster
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Kellar's. A Moden Magic and Comedy Club.

Meet the Real Wizard of Oz

Celebrating the man who defined magic, inspired the Wizard of Oz and mentored Houdini

Before Houdini, there was Kellar – a magician from Erie, Pennsylvania who defined magic so brilliantly that author L. Frank Baum based his immortal character “The Wizard of Oz” on him. Henrich “Harry” Kellar (1849-1922) has been forgotten by history – UNTIL NOW!

Kellar’s, A Modern Magic & Comedy Club, is an historical entertainment tourist attraction in Kellar’s hometown created by Bobby Borgia, noted international magician who is also from Erie. Kellar’s story inspired Borgia to take up magic at age 6 and follow in his footsteps. This entertainment hotspot is a gift to Borgia’s hero. It not only pays tribute to Kellar but looks inside his life and illusions with memorabilia and genuine artifacts from Kellar’s career. The magic and comedy club is also a block away from the site of Kellar’s boyhood home.

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