Denny fell in love with magic as a kid growing up in Scranton, PA, and he had an obvious knack for entertainment. His parents supported his enthusiasm, enrolled him in every magic class they could find and encouraged him to perform for family and friends.

Denny’s family owned the only paper company in Scranton. The Office was a TV staple in the Corby home. If you met Denny, you’d swear he was a cross between Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, and a touch of Andy Bernard.

At 16, Denny went to work for his parents. Between the paper business and a cleaning company his family owned, Denny was working his tail off, doing a bit of everything. Sales calls, loading trucks, waxing floors. But he couldn’t leave magic behind, so he continued to perform on nights and weekends.

After college, Denny went back to work for his parents, but the tension between his day job and his passion for magic became quickly overwhelming. Denny’s family encouraged him to step out, take the risk, and do what he truly loved.

Four years later, Denny is a successful magician, entertainer, and keynote speaker. He performs regularly for a slew of corporate clients including Comcast, Tyson Foods, Berkshire Hathaway, and BMW. Shows range from intimate office settings to crowds of 2,500 and everything in between.

Through appearances on major cable networks like Fox and NBC, Denny has graced television screens across the country. He’s also put out an instructional DVD, Magic Tricks Now, sharing some of his favorite tricks to impress your friends, family, coworkers, and strangers. Wherever you meet him, Denny is guaranteed to make your day. He’s a warm-hearted goofball who lives to make people smile.

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